Weekly Newsletter: 05

Hobo Joe throwing a backhand strecthing the rule of thirds with the title Hobo Disc Golf Weekly Newsletter off to the right in the clouds

Thanks to those that were able to make it out last week to our first casual tag meetup. Below is the upcoming schedule for the next meet-ups, hope to see you there! We’re still plugging away on the game(s) and putting pieces together to pump up the bag tag rounds as well as trying to get an end of the year All Tags In event going, potentially in October. Be sure to keep an eye out here or on our socials to stay up to date.

Upcoming Hobo DG Bag Tag Events

Jul 16Micke Grove, LodiCasual Tag Round10:00 AM
TBDTBDCasual Tag Round10:00 AM

Hobo DG Bag Tag Top 5

1Chris Brobisky
2Steven Kendrick
3Wesley Webster
4Alex Mauche
5Lucas Bischofberger

Flick and Roll

Close-up of a stack of green d6 dice Our new board has a name, Flick and Roll. We have received the first prototype deck of cards and are iterating on it to make some minor improvements and are continuing game testing as well. Keep an eye out on Twitter or IG for any updates. And if you run into Hobo Joe on the road or on the course, be sure to ask to play a game, he’s always looking for takers.

Still Room Left

Kaleidoscope ‘23 presented by Infinite Discs
Plow N’ Chains 2023
Hobo DG Bag Tags
Glow City Campout 2023