Weekly Newsletter: 03

Hobo Joe throwing a backhand strecthing the rule of thirds with the title Hobo Disc Golf Weekly Newsletter off to the right in the clouds


Hobo Disc Golf has developed a new disc golf board game!

Close-up of a stack of green d6 dice Exciting news, we have developed a card and dice board game that is being productized now AND we have a second game that is currently in developement! We are so thrilled to be able to share these with you once they are ready to go, but in the meantime, keep an eye out on Twitter or IG for any updates. And if you run into Hobo Joe on the road or on the course, be sure to ask to play a game, he’s always looking for takers.

Hobo DG Bag Tag Top 5

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Hobo Disc Golf Bag Tag Kick-Off!

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2023 NADGT Exclusive @ South PinesN
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A look back at the Week

The last couple of weeks have been spent hunkered down developing board games, so not much travel or golf recently. Joe did play terribly at the 3rd annual NorCal AM Jam and then again the next week at the Zambia DG Fundraiser, but was not discouraged and turned in a pretty good showing the next day at a doubles event with partner Ed. It was a Jr Worlds fundraiser for Cola, and we here at Hobo Disc Golf wish him and all the local Jrs good luck this year as they compete at the highest level. Time to get after it!