Inagural Hobo DG Bag Tag Event 2023

AM Rush in Grass Valley, CA

Hobo Disc Golf Bag Tag in Color

Hobo Disc Golf Bag Tags!

Join us June 17th and 18th in Grass Valley at the Lost Lake Disc Golf Course for the AM Rush Tournament which will also include the inagural Hobo Disc Golf Bag Tag kick-off!

At least once a year, Hobo Disc Golf will sponsor a local tournament to initially seed and handout tags in-person as a community. However, if you are not able to make the tournament(s) for some reason (but what could be more important, really?) you can always catch Hobo Joe on the course or reach out to to get yourself a tag and start playing other Hobo Disc Golfers.

This year we will be sponsoring the AM Rush Tournament and in addition to the tournament, everyone will also receive a complimentary Hobo Disc Golf Bag Tag. Each player will get their tag on Saturday evening or Sunday according to their scores for round 1. It will be up to the players how they want to resolve ties. After that, how they are used is up to you. We highly encourage you to play the second round for tags with your cardmates, friends, or somebody you just met! However, you are not required to and if you choose, you can just hang on to yours until you run into another Hobo DG player on the road and are up for the challenge or you can contact a player on the list and challenge them to a round.

We have posted a page here that lists the players and their tag numbers. You can always reach out to to have your tag number updated on the list after your rounds, until our app is ready.

So get your tag and Go NoMad!

  • Hobo Joe