Meet Hobo Joe

'Hobo' Joe 'Chains' McGraw

Sunsets behind a snow-capped peak as a creek runs through the foregound in the Uinta Mountains

“Hobo” Joe “Chains” McGraw was born in the rugged terrain of the Uinta Mountains, near Weber City Utah, where his kin attempted to make a living off the land. However, Joe’s restless spirit could not be contained in one place for long, and he soon set his sights on California. After a long and arduous journey, he found himself in the mountains of gold country, where he discovered his love for life on the road.

While following along with some freinds on the trail, “Hobo Joe” heard a noise that would stick with him forever and eventually give him a new moniker. Chains. “Chains McGraw” had stumbled upon the sport of disc golf, and he knew immediately that he had found his true calling. With nothing but his wits and a beat-up old bag of discs, he began traveling the country, playing in tournaments, and living the life of a true hobo.

Despite the hardships he faced on the road, “Chains” never lost his love for the game or his passion for the lifestyle that seems to go hand-in-hand so well with disc golf. He developed a reputation as a true sportsman, a consummate storyteller, and a friend to all who shared his love for the game.

Years on the road have left their mark on Joe. His clothes are tattered, and his skin is weathered by years spent under the sun and stars. But his eyes still twinkle with the same wild spirit that drove him West so many years ago, and his voice still rings with the same irreverent humor that has made him a legend in the disc golf world.

Now as he approaches his twilight years, Joe has taken on the duty to share not only his story, but the stories of those who left their pages on the disc golf course to be discovered on their own time. Though he may be slowing down, Joe’s love for the game and the life it has given him will never wane, and he will always be remembered as a true hobo and a strong voice singing the song of the sport he dearly loves.