But Which Disc

The Top Choices for Every Player

An artisitc design on a disc sitting against the base of a tree in the woods

Disc golf is a sport that requires skill, strategy, and the right equipment. The most important piece of equipment is, of course, the disc. There are three types of discs: drivers, midranges, and putters, each with its own unique characteristics and purposes. Choosing the right disc can make all the difference in your game, so it’s important to understand what each disc is designed to do.


Drivers are designed for maximum distance and speed. They have a sharp edge and a pointed nose, which allows them to cut through the air with ease. Drivers come in a variety of weights and styles, each with different levels of stability. The more stable a driver, the less likely it is to turn over during a throw. Some common drivers include the Innova’s Destroyer, Trespass by Dynamic Discs , and Discraft’s Nuke. The fatser speed drivers are intended for bigger arms that generate a lot of spin. If you are newer to disc golf or simply have a slower arm speed, it’s our suggestion to go for the slower speed drivers and lighter weight discs.


Midranges are designed for accuracy and control. They generally have a smaller diameter than drivers, which makes them easier to control and more accurate on shorter throws. Midranges are also great for approach shots and can be used for shorter drives as well. The most popular midranges include the Dynamic Discs’ EMac Truth, the Buzzz by Discraft and of course the Roc from Innova. These are great discs to use on the teepad as you are starting out and learning the proper form.

For beginners, it’s important to start with a disc that is easy to control and has a straight flight path. A midrange disc like the Buzzz or Roc is a great choice for new players. These discs have a slower speed and are easier to throw accurately, making them ideal for developing consistent throwing form. As beginners progress, they can start experimenting with different types of discs and finding what works best for their individual style and strengths. It’s important not to get too caught up in using the “best” or most popular discs, as each player’s preferences and needs are unique. With practice and patience, any disc can become a go-to in a player’s bag.


Putters are designed for precision and accuracy. They have a blunt nose and a rounded edge, which allows them to fly straight and true. Putters are used for short throws and putting, and they are also great for touch shots and scrambling. Some popular putters include the Innova’s Aviar, the Zone from Discraft, and Dynamic Discs’ Judge.

Choosing the right disc for windy conditions can be a challenge. Wind can affect the flight of the disc, causing it to turn over or fade early. Overstable discs are best for windy conditions because they are less likely to turn over. Some popular overstable drivers include the Innova Firebird, Dynamic Discs Felon, and Discraft Force. For midranges, the Innova Gator and Dynamic Discs Verdict are great options. For putters, the Innova Rhyno and Dynamic Discs Marshal are good choices.

As for my personal favorites, for putters, the 4S Wizard is my go-to choice for putting. Its soft and grippy plastic and straight flight path make it a reliable option for both short and long putts. When it comes to midranges, I can’t recommend the EMac Truth enough. Its true flight and, in my opinion, superior grip and feel to the Roc or Buzz make it a must have for any of my bags. The G-Star Teebird is my top pick for control drivers. Its reliability and versatility allow it to work well in a variety of situations, and it can handle both forehand and backhand throws with ease. For a little more speed and stability, the Thunderbird is a great choice. Its speed and glide make it ideal for long, straight shots. Finally, for those who want to add a bit more finesse to their game, the Mamba is an excellent option. Its understable flight path makes it perfect for those that may not throw as far by giving you a full flight and is also great for those tricky shots that require a little extra touch.

In conclusion, choosing the right disc is crucial for success in disc golf. Understanding the different types of discs and their characteristics can help you choose the best disc for your game. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, there is a disc out there that is perfect for you. So, grab your discs and hit the course, and remember to choose wisely!