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What is Hobo Disc Golf?

Jim Smyth founded Hobo Disc Golf with the mission to deliver an authentic disc golf experience while living a hobo lifestyle. As a passionate member of the Northern California disc golf community, Jim is dedicated to providing you with disc golf news, course and gear reviews, industry insights, and plenty of stories along the way.

Who is “Hobo” Joe “Chains” McGraw

“Hobo” Joe “Chains” McGraw is a fictional character, depicted in our logo, created out of the mind of our founder, Jim Smyth. While the Hobo Joe personality may be a persona, his travels are very much real. When Chains McGraw spins a yarn about the past however, best to just take the ride.

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We love hearing from our readers, customers, or fellow enthusiasts. If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to share your thoughts, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact Jim directly at jim@hobodiscgolf.com or through our social media accounts on Twitter or IG

Thank you for visiting Hobo Disc Golf, and we hope you find the information, inspiration, or solutions you’re seeking. May your fairways be wide, wind be low and chains be favorable.


Jim, Joe, and the entire Hobo Disc Golf team